31 and growing up

I'm 31 and I'm moving out...

man. this blog should be called “I’m 31… and growing up is a fucking struggle.”

today, I had about 3 meltdowns – all of which had to with my life & what the hell I’m doing with it. and where the hell it’s going. and how the eff it’s gonna turn out.

I’m doing something now that pays the bills for sure but I could say that I hate it most days. what’s the solution? change it. cool. change is frightening as fuck especially when you’ve kind of lost sight of whatever dreams you had when you were younger.

i feel so trapped sometimes, but it’s of my own doing. it’s a choice at this point. turns out it always was. and yet it’s hard to change your direction when you’re directionless. that’s how I feel right now. fucking directionless.

i know what I’d like to do: use whatever gifts…

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Einstein knew


hopefully, it’s just a generation and the next learns from us idiots.

what a mess.

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Iggy Inspiration


Iggy is my inspiration for whenever the next dance party occurs.

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